Cleveland to win first game? Brady to bounce back? Papi’s NFL Week 5 predictions

Week 5 has some tasty looking match-ups, here is my take. Papi’s reviews for week 5 looks like this.

New England Patriots @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: New England

This is a really difficult match-up to call. The Patriots defence has been woeful so far, and this is a short week which could spell trouble. The only reason I am calling New England is because they’re coming off a bad loss, and even with a short week, Bill Bellicheck will work his magic. They also have Tom Brady the GOAT; 31-28.

San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts: San Francisco

I predict a mini upset in Indiana. The 49ers aren’t very good, but neither are the Colts; this is a pretty poor game to call. The reason I pick San Fran is because they have improved over the last few weeks with one score defeats against divisional rivals. It is a tough game to call though as it is pretty irrelevant and has two very poor teams, but I got San Fran getting their first win. 24-20.

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles: Philadelphia

The Cardinals are inconsistent, they’re overrated and they limped past a poor San Fran team at home. Dallas beat down the Cards, I worry Philly are even better than Dallas. The Eagles have won back-to-back close games, I feel this one may not be so close. 17-28.

Los Angeles Chargers @ New York Giants: New York

I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think I will be. Something has to give in this game as neither team has a win on the season so far. Every single Chargers game has been so close, I predict this one will be aswell, but the boys in blue have sadly improved in the last 2 weeks and have lost back-to-back games on walk off field goals. 28-31.

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals: Buffalo

The Bills have impressed so far this season; their defence held Matt Ryan and the Falcons to just 17 points in week 3. The Bengals have improved over the last few weeks and are coming off of their first win and best performance of the season. With that being said though, SURELY Marvin Lewis can’t win back-to-back games can he? I got the Bills to get the win in Ohio. 27-21.

Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions: Detroit

I think the Lions are legit, they should be 4-0, I like me some Detroit and I got them in this one. I’m not convinced that Cam Newton is back, he played a ridiculously bad secondary in New England on Sunday, and his defence has carried Carolina so far. Stafford > Newton, Detroit > Carolina. 20-31.

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns: Cleveland

My upset of the week. I feel that it isn’t all that of an impressive upset call as the Jets are being universally accepted as a poor team, but they are off back-to-back wins. I have got Cleveland to get their first win, I believe! 18-20.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh

The Jaguars are joint top in a really competitive division, but in my opinion, a very poor division.  Big Ben and the Steelers are coming off of a really good win in their rival’s back yard, I think they carry that momentum to another win. 17-28.

Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins: Miami

Marcus Mariota harmed his hamstring in the thumping defeat in Houston, if he does not play in this game, I stand by my pick, if he does play, I may be very wrong. I don’t believe in Jay Cutler or the Dolphins, but I don’t think the Titans are capable of winning without Mariota. 13-21.

Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams: Los Angeles

This is a HUGE game in the NFC West. This will decide who the favourite is to win the division one quarter of the way in. I got the Rams. The Rams D will only improve under Wade, they have a big D-Line and Seattle have no O-Line. I think Wilson is hit a lot in this game, and I think the Rams offence does its thing. 21-30.

Baltimore Ravens @ Oakland Raiders: Oakland

This is a tough pick because Derek Carr could be out for Oakland. If he is, Baltimore will win this game, if he isn’t, this is a no brainer Oakland win. Flacco and the Ravens offence suck, plain and simple. I got Oakland. 16-28.

Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys: Green Bay

Oh dear. This is a really tough game for Dallas, and I don’t think they’ll get the win. He’s a baaaaaaaad man, and he’s against a pretty bad, injury struck defence. Dallas need to play offence like they did against the Rams to stand any chance, I still think that will not help. 38-31.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans: Kansas City

This is a really tough game for the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. Houston beat down Tennessee but the Chiefs are no Titans. Alex Smith will do his thing and protect the football, grinding Houston to a loss. 23-20.

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears: Minnesota

The Vikings have a lot of injury problems, but Chicago have a lot of talent problems. Trubisky is supposed to get his first career start at QB for the Bears, so I don’t really know what to expect from them in this divisional match up. If there isn’t an amazing debut from Trubisky, I think Minnesota beats up Chicago in a defensive beat down. 18-6.


Fantasy Player of the Week: Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers

Upset of the Week: Cleveland Browns

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