GB medal haul on ‘Super Saturday’ : Winter Olympics Recap

By Iain Leggat

It was a day that British sport will remember for a while.

Lizzy Yarnold became the first British athlete to win multiple Winter Olympic medals and the first to retain a gold medal in the Skeleton.

Laura Deas won a bronze medal making it the first time Britain has had multiple athletes on one podium for an event.

There was also a surprise bronze medal for Team GB in the Women’s Ski Slopestyle event thanks to Izzy Atkin.

But there was yet more heartbreak for Elise Christie as she crashed out of her semi-final in the Women’s 1500m, she was taken to hospital for a check.


Top 3 Weirdest Inside Thoughts From Day 8


  2. Yep, Team GB is the best at Skeleton
  3. If I was to choose an Olympic Sport it would be snowboard cross


GB’s Super Girls

Drawing comparisons to Super Saturday of the London 2012, Great Britain was in for a chance to win four medals.

The day started off well with Freestyle Skier Izzy Aitkin, who is the youngest athlete on the team this year, winning a bronze medal in the Women’s Slopestyle.

A great win after a really stylish couple of runs. The viewers had to wait for two more riders to get down the course to see whether they would bump Izzy off the podium. Both fell, securing her the medal.

Great start to the day.

Elise Christie experienced more Olympic heartbreak after she crashed out of the Women’s 1500m semi-final.

Utterly devastating as Elise’s Olympic rut continues. The sight of her in tears on a stretcher really seemed like the final straw for a World Champion who has had little luck on the Olympic stage.

It was released that no bones were broken and Elise could potentially still compete in her final event on Tuesday in the Women’s 1000m.

Meanwhile, Lizzy Yarnold stormed to a gold medal in the Women’s Skeleton event, with fellow Brit Laura Deas finishing third.

It was thrilling, dramatic and perfect. A historic day for Team GB at the Winter Olympics.


What’s Been Awesome

Yuzuri Hanyu retained his gold medal after a beautiful long programme performance in the Men’s Figure Skating.

The Japanese Skate has cult-hero status and has a devout fan club. When he finishes his fans chuck Winnie the Poo bears onto the ice as a sign of their perfection. Always an amazing sight.


Headline of the Day

Great Britain’s record medal haul was a popular headline round the Olympics camp today.

Getting three medals from a potential four was a statement of intent and one that would have had Team GB rubbing their hands with delight.

Great Britain has invested more money than ever into Winter Sports and it’s paying off, dominating the Skeleton event, having leading figures in short track and being the up and comer in Freestyle is leaving other nations worried.

They are now only one medal away from meeting the medal target of five set before the games, and the results so far are great news for athletes hoping to secure lottery funding in the future.


Personal Highlight

The BBC’s commentary team going ballistic at Lizzie and Laura’s medals.

There is no better sight than the inside of a BBC commentary box when Team GB get a medal.

The Skeleton final was no different, with similarities to Sochi 2014 when Jenny Jones claimed GB’s first medal on snow, the BBC tactically placed a camera in the box to see John Hunt, John Jackson and Amy Williams go mad as the results came in.


Watch out tomorrow for the Men’s Ski Slopestyle event, the start of the 2-man Bobsleigh event and Men’s Giant Slalom. Iain will be back with more of his thoughts on the 2018 Winter Olympics tomorrow.

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