Importance of the Hype Video in Sport

They’re the thing that every sports fan loves to indulge themselves in every now and then, especially in the days approaching the christening of a new season – the hype video has long been affiliated with sports, and so, Erin McRitchie takes a look at its importance.

The perfect view of WVU’s Mountaineer Field. (Photo: Stadium Info)

You simply need to take a quick look at YouTube in the run up to the start of any sporting season to see your search results flooded with them. Straight to the point, backed by music and commentary. Extended versions, highlights from many a season gone by handpicked to present the most powerful image. The merging of history, present and a possible future. Every sports fan loves a good hype video.

A proficient hype video is one which empowers an individual’s belief in their chosen team, strengthens their loyalty and inspires an anticipatory atmosphere. Anticipation for the season as a whole, for the performance of specific players and for the opportunity to attend games and/or events.

They can also be successful in evoking joy, as you re-watch favourite plays and inspiring wins, or determined comebacks.

It is not solely big corporations like ESPN or the BBC that create them either – they can be fan productions or internally produced by the teams themselves. Whilst the broadcasting companies have greater access to a wider range and higher quality of footage, the teams possess an ability to provide a greater behind the scenes view, perhaps a more emotional edge.

From a personal perspective, there are few who have mastered the art of the hype video better than the Americans. The videos produced to introduce the college football season, the NFL season, the baseball season, the hockey season – you name it, they can create a hype video for it.

With only 10 days until the 24th August – the official restart of the college football season in America – the fan made hype videos for each college are hitting the internet hard and fast, much like many of the hits they feature in their chosen highlights.

One has caught my eye more than any other, though with slight bias as they are my school of choice in the NCAA league. It’s background song of choice truly hits when you zone in on the lyrics – the use of Blake Shelton’s ‘God’s Country’ ensures you don’t have to be in Morgantown to know that Mountaineer Field is WVU football’s home.

With the song, the video highlights and the imposing statures of the star players in full game-day gear, the adrenaline will spiral through you, inspiring within you a desire to be right in the centre of the field when kick-off day finally comes around.

This video will most definitely having you preparing for the West Virginia flag waving in the wind, the band striking up, the players purposely emerging from the tunnel and the crowd chants building to a cacophony.

Just take a look for yourself:

Meanwhile, the baseball season has already commenced, and as usual, it was not without high quality hype productions from many teams. Most notably, the New York Yankees once more chose to form their video around speaking to what the heart of their team, and their franchise, has come to symbolise.

It is a franchise of legacy, tradition, inclusion and excellence – and so, their in-house produced video draws upon their connection to New York – their beloved home – their connection to what has preceded them, their present and what that will mean for their future.

It wholeheartedly draws a fan to who and what they are, enticing them to become a part of it. To come to dedicate their following to the pinstripe wearing Bronx bombers, pulling them to the Yankee Stadium shrine.

Check out their production:

And so, whether you choose to indulge in a fan-produced format, or a professionally logged franchise composition, hype videos are always sure to precipitate an atmosphere of adulation at the thought of another season.

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